What are hair extensions? 

Hair extensions are ethically sourced,100% human hair that allows you to add additional hair to your own natural hair. You can choose to add the extensions for length, volume, color, or all three to achieve your hair goal. 

Will hair extensions damage my hair? 

Hair extensions do not damage your hair. Improper installation and/or neglect and untimely maintenance damages hair. The most important thing to consider when thinking about getting hair extensions is the maintenance requirement. 

What is the maintenance involved with hair extensions? 

Extension maintenance involves moving up all of the extensions to align with natural hair growth and removing the natural shedding that is held within the extensions. We loose between 60 - 100 strands of hair per day but when you have extensions some of that hair gets trapped inside the extension adherent. Every 2 - 3 maintenance appointments, adjustments will also need to be made to the placement of the extensions. Maintenance appointments are recommended every 6 - 8 weeks. When extensions are properly maintained your natural hair will grow healthy and long. 

What type of hair extensions do you offer?

I-tip or micro beaded

This is the smallest most light weight method. It is a single strand method attached to a section of your hair with a small copper bead. There is no heat involved with i tips. The hair used for this method can last 1 year or more with proper at home care and maintenance.


Tape-ins are a medium weight extension that can be customized for your hair needs. They are applied to small section of your hair using a light weight non damaging tape adhesive. They lay very flat to the head and have a quick application time. The hair used for this method will last approximately 8 months with proper home care and maintenance. 

Beaded sew in 

This is a heavier weighted extension but can be customized for your hair needs. Beaded sew ins are applied using a small copper bead. The beads are installed in a horizontal pattern and the weft is sew directly onto the bead. The hair used for this method will last approximately 8 months to 1 year with proper at home care and maintenance.

How do I care for my hair extensions at home? 

Professional grade products are an absolute must as well as avoid anything protein or keratin based. You can shampoo and style your extensions as you would your own hair. You will need to adjust your conditioner and/or oil routine to completely avoid root application to avoid slippage. Any heat styling tools you currently use are completely fine to use on your new hair. 

Can I color my hair with hair extensions in?

Yes! Any hair coloring will be done to your extensions prior to installation. Extensions also do a lot of color work for you, meaning you can seriously enhance the color you already have or add in a completely new color using no chemicals. Say hello to your bleach free balayage! 

How long do extensions take to install?

This depends on the desired look and method. It can take as little as one hour or up to 5 hours. This is all determined in a comprehensive consultation.

How much to hair extensions cost?

The total cost of your first appointment will include the purchase of the extension hair and the hourly service rate of $250. There are so many options and customization options with hair extensions so the best way to determine the cost is through a complimentary consultation where all options will be discussed.