Ever since discovering her talent and passion for the industry, Melyssa's dream has been to follow in her grandfather, Thomas' footsteps and own her own business. Melyssa believes that inspiration is a very powerful tool for change, growth and happiness.

The goal is to develop a culture within Thomas Taft Salon which is deeply rooted in the idea that inspiration can come from anywhere. Through treating our staff as a family, building deep and meaningful relationships with our clients, and being involved in our community, we hope to create an atmosphere which encourages the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

We set ourselves apart from other salons that offer rushed, dated services and products. Having come from such a salon, Melyssa has realized, from talking with her clients, that many remain frustrated by a lack of a customized and consistent service experience. Thomas Taft Salon is Melyssa's answer to this problem. 

Gus Gus is our frenchbulldog mascot!!!  @gusgusfrenchie